It’s time to step up and join Joost’s Quest for A Cure

“Our people are dying, and for me, that is unacceptable.”
– Joost van der Westhuizen



It’s time to step up and join Joost’s Quest for A Cure


“Our people are dying, and for me, that is unacceptable.” – Joost van der Westhuzien

Become a #JoostWarrior!

                  Warrior – Noun


a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.


a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, oraggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.


Do you have what it takes to push your limits; to fight for something bigger than yourself; to show true grit.

We want you – whoever you are; wherever you are – to join Joost’s team as we continue the work he so bravely started.

All you need to do to is register as a #JoostWarrior; put your body to test and raise funds while you’re at it.


Anyone can do it.
All it takes is courage and commitment .



Patients suffering from Neurodegenerative diseases, like MND, are forced to fight a battle on a daily basis whereby their bodies and mind are put under tremendous strain and trauma in order to get through otherwise normal day to day activities. Often within days of onset, patients soon rely on their family members and friends to become their voice and limbs. These day to day activities are often taken for granted by those able because they are within our comfort zone. We are challenging everyone to take themselves out of their comfort zone and to raise funds while doing so.

How to register as a #JoostWarrior:

  1. Choose something that will take you out of your comfort zone eg. Marathon, triathlon, cycle race, losing weight etc.
  2. Fill in the form below so we know you are out there and what you want to do to contribute to the cause.
  3. Once approved, pick your fundraising platform and send us the links.
  4. Get your friends and colleagues to back you by sponsoring and funding.
  5. Go out and conquer!

Remember no amount is too small when it comes to saving lives

You are now a #JoostWarrior

You climb the ranks the more you raise!

    • Set up a crowdfunding campaign
    • The JCN is a registered charity with:
      • (The Joost van der Westhuizen Centre for Neurodegeneration)
    • DONATE
      • EFT
        • Joost van der Westhuizen Centre for Neurodegeneration
          Standard Bank
          Branch Code 051001- Rosebank
          Account number 004752244
  • PayFast – still waiting on approval

Because we are a non-profit organisation, we rely solely on donations and sponsors to continue the work we do. If you or your organisation would like to become a sponsor of the centre and contribute towards this worthy cause, please send a mail to


There are a range of options available including options to:

  • Sponsor a research topic
  • Equipment sponsors
  • Event sponsors
  • Accommodation sponsors
  • Salary sponsor

Remember we are a registered non-profit, section 18A approved organisation which means donation are tax deductible.