Jacket of Hope

Each one of our beneficiaries receives a J9 Jacket of hope on each visit. It is a constant reminder that all is not lost, that life is beautiful and that hope is an essential part on this journey. Keep the faith!

Jacket of HopeSomething to do:

We believe in quality of life and not in quantity of life.  This is true for each and every one, whether you have a life threatening illness or not.  Life is short and full of surprises and curve balls.  If we blame our circumstances for a lack of happiness, we will never experience true joy. We have found that by doing something remarkable, by changing perceptions, by bringing inspiration, by touching lives, we experience happiness, even in the midst of severe everyday life challenges.

Something to love:

First and above all else, we love this one life that has been Given to us.  When you see how desperately a person with a life threatening disease wants to live, you realize how precious the gift of health is.  It doesn´t matter what we go through, we will persevere, we will be positive and we will love life.

Something to hope for:

We hope the J9 Foundation will grow from strength, assisting ALS MND sufferers around the world in their battle with this disease. We strive to be carriers of hope and positivity and to motivate and inspire our beneficiaries and their families to enable them to endure, survive and victor.